“Anne is probably the first health care professional I have ever worked with that truly took the time to listen and was able to answer every one of my questions.  I really enjoyed our sessions and was able to learn a lot, as she always explained nutrition principals and a great deal of science too!  Thanks to Anne, I have tackled complicated health issues including insulin resistance, allergies, and illness, and have felt educated and empowered the whole way.  I have seen an improvement in my health and would definitely recommend working with Anne to anyone, especially people like me who feel overwhelmed by multiple health challenges.”

          ~Leslie in Richmond

“I am so very thankful for Anne Buzzelli of BuzzNutrition. I have very complicated health issues that have not been resolved either through allopathic or naturopathic medicine. Anne’s extensive understanding of nutrition has improved my health greatly. I simply cannot say enough good things about how knowledgeable and how very willing she is to help me experience great health. I highly, highly recommend her.”

          ~Susan in Staunton

“There is nothing better than a professional who listens, strives to understand, and has the expertise to assist in providing you with a path to healing. BuzzNutrition has provided me with the guidelines and support to easily make nutrition a part of my daily health care plan. My health has benefited in all areas!”

           ~Kara in Staunton

“Anne Buzzelli’s approach feels like a much-welcomed partnership. Her up-to-date knowledge on current health epidemics coupled with her access to and knowledge of appropriate testing is a boon to her clients. She had enormous understanding of my auto-immune disorder, so we were speaking the same language. Taking all of that and translating it into the appropriate supplementation and diet has had a tremendous impact on the way I feel from day to day.  And she couldn’t be any more pleasant to deal with. I’ve recommended her services to others and I recommend them to you!”

           ~Courtney in Staunton

“Anne’s advice helped me tremendously. You are what you eat, and Anne’s recommendations for lab testing and subsequent diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes have me eating the right foods, feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and enjoying life (and my flat belly and smooth skin)! Thank you, Anne!”

          ~Rebekah, Portland, OR

“Dear Anne: When I first became aware of you and your interesting sessions at Coffee on the Corner, I was impressed with your background and education at the renowned Bastyr University in my home town of Seattle. The gatherings were very interesting and I felt I learned a lot. You are not only willing to share your knowledge in such a friendly manner, you take the time to listen and consider what your students have to say.  The best thing I came away with: you taught me how to make yogurt! I have not bought a container of commercial yogurt for months now and each time I made a batch, I silently thank you. Here is wishing you all the best in everything you do, which I know will be done with style and professionalism.”

          ~Linda in Charlottesville

I am a pregnant vegetarian and was panicked about getting enough protein…until I talked to Anne.  Anne, unlike many dietitians and doctors, didn’t pressure me to change my vegetarian ways and start consuming meat, instead she worked within my already strict diet and helped me find proteins in all sorts of different foods. Anne even went above and beyond what I asked for, not only did she source the best products for me, she also doled out advise about vitamins, minerals and even warned me about some side effects that might come along with pregnancy.  I am resting easier now- Thanks Anne!!!

          ~G in Washington DC

As well as bringing a lot of knowledge to our sessions, Anne is a very good listener. I always feel that she puts a great deal of time and attention into finding the underlying cause of a problem.

          ~Janet in Seattle WA

Anne is a gifted healer.  Her skills, wisdom, knowledge, experience, intuition, and deep integrity make it easy to completely relax into a session with her. She brings her whole heart to her work, and is very sensitive to her clients’ needs. The transformational effects of my sessions with her have helped me move to the next level, both personally and professionally. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

          ~Heather in Los Altos CA

My work with Anne has been life changing in several ways.  She incorporates her wonderful curiosity with an immense knowledge of the body on both the physical and emotional level to teach me very important things about my healing. The techniques she has learned combine well to present a comprehensive approach to addressing the issues presented.

          ~Elaine in Seattle

Anne patiently explained what BodyTalk was, and took the time to work with me. I didn’t feel rushed, and though I wasn’t completely sure what was happening, she was able to show me that I just needed to relax and listen. My body does the work for me.

          ~Uma in Seattle

Anne is a wonderful BodyTalk professional. She has wonderful insight and is incredibly knowledgeable. I hope to see her continually. I just really love her to pieces!

          ~Janey in Seattle

I’ve had a lot of bodywork of different types over the years and have found that the key to a great bodyworker is not so much in the tool that they use (although BodyTalk is a great tool!!!) but the magic comes in with the space that the practitioner holds for healing and self-exploration. Anne does an amazing job of being present, grounded and attentive while being a great BodyTalk practitioner to boot! I will be back for sure!

          ~Kathy in Seattle

My BodyTalk session with Anne was AWESOME. I truly enjoyed taking my health to a new level energetically. I feel a lot better and clearer. I can’t wait to get back for another session.

          ~Becca in Seattle

Anne’s Bodytalk sessions are deeply relaxing and enlightening. She has a wonderful therapeutic touch, and I felt the channels of communication open between my body and my mind. Anne is knowledgable and intuitive, and talking with her is like having tea with a close friend. I highly recommend Anne to anyone who would like to get to the root of a health issue, and have fun doing it!

          ~Zoe in Seattle

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