Let’s Talk Thyroid

Let’s Talk Thyroid  Have you ever pondered your thyroid? From its perch at the front of your throat, this butterfly-lookin’ endocrine gland monitors your body’s metabolism, aka how every single cell creates & uses energy.  Metabolism is often thought of along with weight loss, but it’s also important in temperature regulation, growth/development, immune regulation and digestion… prettyContinue reading “Let’s Talk Thyroid”

Extremely Helpful Genetic Test for $99!

Discover your risk of certain diseases, sensitivity to drugs and ancestry by spitting in a tube and paying only $99 (price is down from $300)! This is your way around conventional medicine’s typical strategy of “eh, let’s just see what happens.”  Each person is 100% unique. We all have 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent).Continue reading “Extremely Helpful Genetic Test for $99!”