Discounted Supplements

My Virtual Dispensaries sell high-quality supplements at a chunky discount!

Benefits of these supplement sites include:

1. Discounts!free NA vitamin supplement Sarah Pflug on

  • Each site allows me to share my practitioner’s discount with you.
  • Full disclosure: Since we share my practitioner’s discount, I receive a portion of each sale.

2. Fast shipping!

3. Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements!

  • Many pharmaceutical grade supplements can only be sold at full price by practitioners or from the supplement company (directly or via Amazon).
  • When you use these Virtual Dispensaries, you’re essentially purchasing from me and benefiting from my access and discount.
    • These brands include: Thorne, Standard Process & Apex Energetics (only from Wellevate), Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics, Douglas Labs, Vital Nutrients, Designs for Health, Klaire Labs, Biotics Research, Ecological Formulas, Gaia Herbs, HerbPharm, Premier Research Labs, NutraMedix, MicroBiome Labs (only from FullScript), Byron White (only from Doctor Supplement Store), and more.

4. Discounts on other stuff, too!

  • In addition to high-quality supplements, these sites offer: body care (lotions, shampoos, face serums), cosmetics (mineral make-up), essential oils, teas,  supplements for dogs and cats, and even orthopedic supplies (on
  • My discount differs depending on the type of product.
  • My access is limited to items that are within my scope of practice as a dietitian. For example, some sites offer acupuncture needles and items that require a prescription from a doctor, but they are not available through my account.
*We share my discount on these supplements. Please know: If you receive any emails from these sites, they’re from the company, not me… barking up your tree is not my style.

I’m happy to offer two options, each of which carries a different selection of products.

#1: FullScriptfullscript

  • If you’re in the USA, create an account at my FullScript portal, or call (877) 941-1449.
  • If you’re in Canada, sign up at the Canadian dispensary.
  • Orders are shipped from the warehouse nearest to you: Virginia, Utah or California.
  • Autoship is available.
  • Browse first! See what brands they carry here:

 #2: Doctor Supplement Store

  • Discount is 15% with coupon code HCPC1541SAVE15
  • Offers Byron White protocols
  • Autoship is available.
  • Offers a wide array of CBD products!
  • Create an account using Registration Code: AB1541, at
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