Sorry Thank Love Leave (STLL)

What is Sorry Thank Love Leave (STLL)?

STLL is a trick to outsmart your brain! It’s a way to clear clutter and make more room for yourself.

It’s a debugging assistant– shows you which parts of your programming are extraneous and helps dump them from your hard drive!

STLL takes the charge out of memories and events so you can feel your true self more clearly.

Use this graphic to explore the concepts, or scroll down to find a more simple table of contents.

Most of some of the sections are finished (purple, pink & gray), the rest is “coming soon.”

Table of Contents

Definition of health
-> Brain 101
-> Emotions 101

How emotions affect health
-> How cells work
-> Atomic wiggling

5 things that block health
-> Toxins
-> Microbes
-> Nutrient deficiency
-> Physical trauma
-> Emotional trauma

4 healing strategies
-> Eating
-> Breathing
-> Moving

Sorry Thank Love Leave
-> Basic How-To
-> More Detail

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