STLL: Toxins block health

Health, at its most basic, is communication.

One of the various things that can block communication is TOXINS.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of toxins:

-> pesticides (on non-organic produce)
-> random chemicals (ex. BPA in plastics)
-> heavy metals (in dental fillings + all over the place)
-> synthetic vitamins (man-made vitamins, like folic acid)
-> organic waste (ex. substances that sit around in the colon for too long)
-> metabolic waste (ex. byproducts of detoxification or extraction of energy from food)
-> secretions and cell fragments from microbes

How do toxins block communication?

  1. Picture two radio towers sending signals back and forth between each other, and then shooting messages to a satellite in space. Things are happening! Problems are anticipated! Everyone is happy! But then, imagine a thick cloud of smog collecting around the radio towers’ high-tech equipment. They can’t get their signals to transmit though that pollution! And the satellite? It thinks the towers are mad at it and loops along its orbit, lonely and despondent. Toxic build-up is like a thick smog that prevents chemical, electrical and magnetic signals from being sent and received by human body cells.
  2. Toxins can also damage tissues. Tissues are functional clusters of specialized cells. When damaged, these cells cannot communicate they way they were meant to. Luckily, many parts of the body can rejuvenate very quickly (cells in the digestive system can turnover in 1-2 days!), but constant exposure to toxins can keep them from bouncing back and functioning they way they were meant to.

How to limit/decrease toxins? (This is a non-exhaustive list!)

  • Make sure you’re eating as few toxins as possible. Focus on whole foods (veggies, meats, nuts, seeds, fruits and roots) that are as organic and non-GMO as possible.
  • Make sure you’re pooping! Constipation is very common and can be caused by many things. You might consider consulting a dietitian or nutritionist if: A) you’re not pooping at least one time every day, and/or B) you’re not producing stool that’s solid, clean and easy-to-pass.
  • Use supplements that are as non-synthetic as possible (ex. folate, NOT folic acid; B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, NOT cyanocobalamin; chelated minerals, NOT ionic). If you’re taking iron, make darn sure you need it  (by getting a blood test for ferritin levels via And, if you’re taking vitamin C as ascorbic acid, make sure your supplement also contains citrus bioflavonoids.)
  • Heavy metals, like mercury and lead must be dealt with. Consult with someone who knows the safest way to do this (please consider avoiding aggressive chelation!) Also, consider that probiotics can actually consume heavy metals and carry them out of the body + candida holds onto metals.

{Other things that block communication: MicrobesNutrient deficienciesPhysical traumaEmotional trauma}

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