STLL: Definition of health

What is health?

The basic requirement for health is easy: Communication!

Each of a body’s trillions of cells sends 100 messages per second (brain cells send even more). The purpose of their conversation?

Human bodies have been doing what they’ve been doing (surviving coping adopting) for millions of years. That means human bodies are the experts on how to be a human body… and human bodies are made up of trillions cells, which are each independently alive. (What qualifies something as a living thing? Mrs. Gern = Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction, Nutrition (eating). Each of your cells does each of those things! Are you made up of trillions of MiniMe’s?!)

What is the main goal of the communication amongst human body cells? Among other things,

  • React to the environment
  • Maintain homeostasis (<– homeostasis is the state in which everything is okay (said more technically, stable equilibrium between interdependent elements.))

Some examples of communication:

  1. Your body must keep the pH (acidity level) of your blood between 7.35 and 7.45 at all times. This is a very narrow margin! If the pH of your blood goes outside of that range, the consequences are DIRE… In two words: game over. That’s why human bodies have many mechanisms at their disposal to keep pH stable (in the kidneys, bones, lungs and digestive system). Communication allows a body to determine what it needs/is able to do each second to keep its blood’s pH in the right range.
  2. A human body must digest everything it eats. Some bacteria always accompany food. A body has to deal with those while it simultaneously extracts vitamins and minerals, separates out toxins, unwinds proteins, burns up carbohydrates, packages fats and more. Communication allows a body to do all this efficiently, while still breathing, circulating blood, making new blood cells, healing, detoxifying, readying the immune system, maintaining pH and more.
  3. Human bodies have learned to survive by constantly surveying the environment and reacting to anything that they perceive to be a threat. While maintaining pH and digesting, a body is keeping track of what’s happening outside of it. If a real/perceived threat comes along, communication allows the body to stop digesting and start running or fighting.

Human bodies never stop communicating– even when they’re sleeping! When the communication channels between all body parts are clear, the body knows what to do and can stay healthy.

What gets in the way of health?
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