Anne Buzzelli MS RD

Anne Buzzelli, MS RD

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 <-:->


Anne is a Registered Dietitian who offers nutrition consults and neurofeedback through her private practice called BuzzNutrition. She’s been called a “Rogue Dietitian” because she has never prescribed to conventional nutrition theories, such as the Food Guide Pyramid and Margarine.

Anne’s approach is informed by a masters in nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, personal experience with Ulcerative Colitis and a past life as a business consultant, database administrator, computer programmer and quality assurance analyst. Her philosophy is adapted from Functional Medicine, Ancestral Nutrition, lessons learned from each of her clients and her Italian family, in which food equals love.

Anne has five goals when working with clients: 1) provide the body with raw materials it needs, 2) remove obstacles that impede momentum toward health, 3) provide a five-star bed and breakfast for resident bacteria, 4) support mental wellness and stress management and 5) empower with knowledge about how the body works, what it needs and why.


Work Experience

Owner of BuzzNutrition (January 2010 – present)

  • BuzzNutrition is a private practice offering individual consultations. Anne’s focus is on root cause resolution. As such, she perceives clients as complex individuals, rather than constellations of malfunctioning body parts.
  • After meeting her clients at their current stage of change, Anne strives to identify the smallest change that will produce the most significant positive outcome. Focus is on whole, unprocessed foods that are appropriate for her client’s habits, lifestyle, beliefs and budget, as well as nutritional testing, high-quality supplements and stress management, such as Neurofeedback.
  • Anne also enjoys teaching classes, leading workshops and educating at corporate events.

Business Consulting and Data Analytics for Buzzelli Advisory Services in Pittsburgh, PA (November 2015 – October 2017)

  • Anne tapped into her computer consulting experience to help with the family business. She upgraded and managed a fundraising database (Raiser’s Edge) and sourced potential candidates for specialized management and upper-level executive positions.

Registered Dietitian @ Vera Fitness in Seattle, WA (March 2011 – August 2011)

  • Vera Fitness is a women’s fitness center that aims to esteem women through empathetic listening. Anne worked with participants of the center’s weight loss program. She also assisted with corporate lunchtime lectures and produced educational materials.

Health Researcher & Writer @ in Seattle, WA (May 2009 – March 2010)

  • Wellaroo was going to be a website that provides information about safe food, medicine, lifestyle and the environment… but it never came to fruition. Anne  conducted nutrition-related research, wrote articles and assisted with the design of a nutrition assessment questionnaire, videos and animations.

Past Life as Computer Programmer (March 1997 – April 2002)

  • Quality Assurance Engineer @ Edgar Online in Rockville, Maryland
  • Web Developer @ Information Dynamics in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Senior Designer @ GiveMeTalk!com in Chicago, Illinois
  • Consultant @ Technology Services Group in Chicago, Illinois
  • Analyst @ Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in Chicago, Illinois


Classes and Workshops

  • Anne has offered two dozen different classes to the community, many more than once. Most recent classes have covered CBD/cannabis medicine, nutrition of insects and why the heart may not be a pump. Other topics are listed on her website at
  • Anne has also presented to the outpatient dietitians at University of Virginia Health Center (Lyme Disease and reducing inflammation with food) and taught a nutrition class for Blue Ridge Community College (Inflammation and the American Diet).
  • Get Out of the Gluten Glut is Anne’s three-part online course that explains the hows and whys of going gluten free. Each part is broken up into two to five-minute highly visual, animated and sometimes humorous lectures. For free access to Part 1, please use this link:



Related to Cannabis Medicine & CBD:

Dietetic Internship Program at University of Virginia (August 2007 – June 2008)

  • This program is a required step in becoming licensed as a Registered Dietitian.
  • Included clinical, community and food service rotations. Completed a research project on Complementary Alternative Medicine use by patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington (September 2005 – June 2007)

  • Masters of Science in Nutrition, GPA: 3.8 / 4.0
  • The program at Bastyr University in Seattle, focused on evidence-based medicine, intensive biochemistry and anatomy/physiology. Students learned cooking theory and skills in a laboratory setting and worked in Bastyr’s Clinic to get real-world nutrition counseling experience. The degree and setting offered a well-rounded exposure to both conventional and complementary medicine.
  • Prerequisite classes for Bastyr:
    • Portland State University (September 2004 – June 2005), GPA: 4.0 / 4.0
    • Portland Community College (June 2003 – July 2004), GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Indiana University in Bloomington, IN (August 1992 – December 1996)

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management, GPA: 3.5 / 4.0
  • Concentration in International Business, Minor in Germanic Studies

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