Nutrient Deficiency Test

You can’t build a house without bricks or boards.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 6.57.05 PMThe SpectraCell Micronutrient Test is completely different from the tests done by your doctor. Typical tests look at your blood as if it is a bowl of stew and count chunks of carrots, potatoes and beef… or more accurately, magnesium, calcium and B12.

The Spectracell test doesn’t just look at and count your nutrients, it watches how your cells function! For example, during the test for selenium, a few of your cells are bathed with all nutrients except for selenium. If the cells survive, they had enough selenium. If the cells do not survive, they were deficient… and since you are your cells, you are deficient.

Nutrient deficiencies are potentially a fundamental cause of any health condition. The human body is amazing, and capable of conquering many obstacles. You can’t build a house without bricks, so how can you expect to meet your health goals if you don’t have sufficient nutrients? Give your 70 trillion cells what they need so they can work for you.

Benefits of this test

–> Determines real-time, actual nutrient needs of your cells. Other tests use the same chart of theoretical deficiency values for everyone.

–>Provides a long-term picture of your nutrition (tests lymphocytes that live for 4-6 months).

–>Takes the guess work out of choosing the best foods and supplements for your body.

–>Catches vitamin deficiencies before they get serious enough to show physical symptoms. Has the potential to nip health conditions in the bud!

–>Reveals antioxidant status, immune system strength, glucose-insulin interaction and fructose sensitivity.

–>Unfortunately, does not identify iron-deficiency anemia. For a comprehensive analysis, you might also pursue a complete blood count and ferritin (you can order this yourself

After you get your results, we’ll work together to determine the causes of nutrient deficiencies and how to get you back on track!

Nutrients Detected in Test

–>VITAMINS: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Biotin, Choline, Folate, Pantothenate

–>MINERALS: Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc

–>OTHER NUTRIENTS: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Asparagine, Carnitine, Co-enzyme Q10, Cysteine, Glutamine, Glutathione, Inositol, Oleic Acid, Serine

–>SPECIAL EXTRAS: SpectroxTM (proprietary test for total antioxidant function), Carbohydrate Metabolism (Fructose Sensitivity & Glucose-Insulin Metabolism), Immunidex (proprietary test for immune response)

Sample results

–>These sample results indicate a deficiency in Vitamin B12, an impaired ability to metabolize fructose, a borderline deficiency in Vitamin B6 and a borderline antioxidant status.

–>The black hash marks are for comparison purpose only- they indicate the results of the last 2,000 SpectraCell tests.

–>Please click on the images to make them bigger.


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