Neurofeedback Testimonials

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What Are People Saying About Neurofeedback Training?

 “Neurofeedback is improving my powers of focus and my ability to relax and tune everything out. It’s the best thing to happen to my mindfulness practice since meditation! Now I can use my brain the way I want to in any given moment, rather than having it pulled in a million different directions at once.”     ~Kathleen S, Staunton

“I have had four neurofeedback sessions and so far, I seem to have less anxiety and depression. I also seem to have more energy. I intend to keep trying.”     ~Luise S, Charlottesville

“I was already familiar with Anne Buzzelli through her expertise in nutrition, so I was interested to see what neurofeedback might add to my total health picture. I was beyond impressed with the experience of neurofeedback. Under Anne’s careful guidance I achieved a borderline waking state that gave me a new level of creative insights. The best part, my brain continues to use its new capabilities, which once again reinforces the benefits. Thanks Anne for showing me the incredible power of my brain.”     ~Sharon Z, Staunton

“Neurofeedback is a great way to focus your thoughts and prepare for the week. I usually have a session on Monday and so far, it’s helped me sleep, relax and stay focused regardless of my workload. I can really tell a difference when I don’t get a chance to have a session.”     ~J, Staunton

“One of my specific Staunton Neurofeedback “aha” moments involved an overwhelming awareness of just how significant the substance of the ripples we release are. I don’t mean by judging the ripples we send and then stressing over which ones to release (like I would usually do), but by a seemingly simple, pleasantly inviting, deeply nurturing energy that just seems to naturally make things happen as they more healthily should, and so much more smoothly. It feels like even more of a validation of remembering what I’ve known all along, but couldn’t access it. The “Nurturing Neuro-Nutritional Buzz Hut” provides many healing paths back to your loving and healthy self and comes very highly recommended. It’s one of my sacred spaces, for sure.”     ~Linda Tabor, Verona

“Heartfelt and meaningful collaboration,
Feeding thoughts that often die of starvation,
No longer drowning in painful stagnation,
Honoring my brain’s beautiful vibrations.”
~LT, Verona

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