What happens During a Session?

  • Sensors are placed on the scalp and ears to read brainwaves & ground the body.
    • This requires the use of conductive paste, which comes off very easily.
  • Training begins!
  • Relaxing music starts to play.
  • When brain waves drift outside the “no stress zone” & become unstable, the music is interrupted by slight static.
  • This static is reminds the brain to return to the “no stress zone”.
  • Training lasts 34 minutes, during which you can fall asleep (most people do and I don’t mind if you snore).
  • With more and more training, the brain learns to return to the “no stress zone” even when it’s not in a Neurofeedback session. Known as “neural plasticity”, the brain is able to build new pathways and connections.
  • It usually takes 10-20 sessions for neuroplasticity to result in lasting change, but a sense of a shift may be felt after 3-6 sessions. Sessions can be done daily, but once a week is a good goal.
  • After a series of 10-20 sessions, a periodic tune-up may seem right. (Your gut will likely tell you.)
  • In the case of significant stress or trauma, you might benefit from another series of sessions.**
  • **Please keep in mind that Anne’s scope of practice does not extend to mental health issues. In the case of moderate to significant mental health issues, it’d be best for Anne to partner with your mental health practitioner.
  • With NeurOptimal’s unique technology, the practitioner doesn’t tell the brain which frequency to change to, your brain decides… because who knows better what it needs than your own brain?

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