Cholesterol Comeback

brown-925636_960_720Now that it’s 2015*, everyone knows cholesterol and saturated fat do not cause heart disease despite their wide-spread malignment. *I wrote this in 2015 (maybe you’re reading this in 2025!?) and was, perhaps, being a bit optimistic.

But, way back in 2008, when I created the videos (scroll down) people still feared these healthful foods! Can you imagine such a thing?!

Check out “Cholesterol Comeback”, a Star Wars-themed blast of info, set to a backdrop of my brother’s funky music.

If you don’t feel like watching, consider this metaphor-teaser: blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming a firefighter for the fire she put out. Or, check out my other entries about cholesterol and/or saturated fat:

Cholesterol Comeback Introduction (2 minutes)

Cholesterol Comeback Part One (5 minutes)

Cholesterol Comeback Part Two (8 minutes)

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