Questions from Clients: To Salt Or Not To Salt!

Each month I address a client’s burning nutrition question. July’s came from Luise (I just forgot to post it in my blog): “Dear BuzzNutrition, What is the difference between Sea Salt and Kosher Salt?” Thanks for the question, Luise! First of all, I’m glad you’re using salt. There’s a lot of fear around salt andContinue reading “Questions from Clients: To Salt Or Not To Salt!”

New Year’s Resolution Armageddon-Style

The New Year has the potential for making you feel squeaky-clean and full of potential… so why take on the burden of a new resolution you’re not going to keep anyway? Inspired by the near miss we had with end-of-days :), I’m choosing to lighten up instead. { As a nutritionist, I’m supposed to urgeContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution Armageddon-Style”

A few gluten-free recipes for holiday desserts

If you’re trying to avoid gluten but also want to go to a holiday party, you might feel stuck. In order to avoid feeling left out, bring your own gluten-free deliciousness! Gluten-free chocolate quinoa cakes Gluten-free chocolate cookies Easy almond butter bread Flourless Blueberry Scones Chocolate Avocado Pudding Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Brownies Black Bean ChocolateContinue reading “A few gluten-free recipes for holiday desserts”

Bypass Bloating & Binging this Holiday Season

Holidays can either be a time of total hedonistic abandon (the world’s ending tomorrow anyway, right?) or an opportunity to appreciate the holidays for what they really are: a time to spend time with loved ones and appreciate all the beauty out there. While food is under the umbrella of “all the beauty out there”,Continue reading “Bypass Bloating & Binging this Holiday Season”

Splena’s new “natural” sweetener, Nectresse, is quite sour…

Splenda says their new zero-calorie sugar fix, Nectresse, is all-natural and comes from an Asian melon called monk fruit, or Lo Han. It’s a heat stable sugar that is safely extracted using water & heat instead of chemicals. That’s good… but there’s a sour side the story and I thought you’d like to know. WhatContinue reading “Splena’s new “natural” sweetener, Nectresse, is quite sour…”

GMO betrayal + Kale-Ginger Margarita

If life were chronicled in Batman comic, the frame showing GMO science slamming its fist into agriculture’s jaw would be followed by a large burst of orange italic letters: “GMO” It’s a strongly polar topic: those who are pro-GMO either have lots of money in it, or don’t have the right information. The anti-GMO viewContinue reading “GMO betrayal + Kale-Ginger Margarita”

chilly day? chai it up!

Source: This recipe is in honor of my friends nestled in the chilly hinterlands of Washington State… I wish you cozy blankets, nuzzling leg warmers and a steaming mug of chai! A few notes from BuzzNutrition: Not only is chai delicious & warming, its spices are medicinal! Cinnamon and ginger are anti-inflammatory & generate heat inContinue reading “chilly day? chai it up!”