Putting our food in perspective (What do we eat that’s banned in other countries?)

The familiarity of your Grocery Store Landscape can make you think it’s a reasonable representation of “food”… but if you live in the USA, that’s not necessarily the case. Would you like to globalize your perspective on “normal food”? Let’s take a look at 8 foods that are common here, but are banned in otherContinue reading “Putting our food in perspective (What do we eat that’s banned in other countries?)”

Kids’ Night in Downtown Staunton!

Last night at Kids’ Night, I had the pleasure of edutaining (educating & entertaining) a constant stream of bright-eyed, curious, enthusiastic and well-mannered kids! My table at 16 West Beverly, home of Virtually Sisters, was eventually covered with dirt because of the kids who wanted to hold a worm… Using a lesson thought up by Pat,Continue reading “Kids’ Night in Downtown Staunton!”

Let’s Talk Thyroid

Let’s Talk Thyroid  Have you ever pondered your thyroid? From its perch at the front of your throat, this butterfly-lookin’ endocrine gland monitors your body’s metabolism, aka how every single cell creates & uses energy.  Metabolism is often thought of along with weight loss, but it’s also important in temperature regulation, growth/development, immune regulation and digestion… prettyContinue reading “Let’s Talk Thyroid”