Questions from Clients: To Salt Or Not To Salt!

Each month I address a client’s burning nutrition question. July’s came from Luise (I just forgot to post it in my blog): “Dear BuzzNutrition, What is the difference between Sea Salt and Kosher Salt?” Thanks for the question, Luise! First of all, I’m glad you’re using salt. There’s a lot of fear around salt andContinue reading “Questions from Clients: To Salt Or Not To Salt!”

A few gluten-free recipes for holiday desserts

If you’re trying to avoid gluten but also want to go to a holiday party, you might feel stuck. In order to avoid feeling left out, bring your own gluten-free deliciousness! Gluten-free chocolate quinoa cakes Gluten-free chocolate cookies Easy almond butter bread Flourless Blueberry Scones Chocolate Avocado Pudding Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Brownies Black Bean ChocolateContinue reading “A few gluten-free recipes for holiday desserts”

Bypass Bloating & Binging this Holiday Season

Holidays can either be a time of total hedonistic abandon (the world’s ending tomorrow anyway, right?) or an opportunity to appreciate the holidays for what they really are: a time to spend time with loved ones and appreciate all the beauty out there. While food is under the umbrella of “all the beauty out there”,Continue reading “Bypass Bloating & Binging this Holiday Season”

Splena’s new “natural” sweetener, Nectresse, is quite sour…

Splenda says their new zero-calorie sugar fix, Nectresse, is all-natural and comes from an Asian melon called monk fruit, or Lo Han. It’s a heat stable sugar that is safely extracted using water & heat instead of chemicals. That’s good… but there’s a sour side the story and I thought you’d like to know. WhatContinue reading “Splena’s new “natural” sweetener, Nectresse, is quite sour…”

GMO betrayal + Kale-Ginger Margarita

If life were chronicled in Batman comic, the frame showing GMO science slamming its fist into agriculture’s jaw would be followed by a large burst of orange italic letters: “GMO” It’s a strongly polar topic: those who are pro-GMO either have lots of money in it, or don’t have the right information. The anti-GMO viewContinue reading “GMO betrayal + Kale-Ginger Margarita”

chilly day? chai it up!

Source: This recipe is in honor of my friends nestled in the chilly hinterlands of Washington State… I wish you cozy blankets, nuzzling leg warmers and a steaming mug of chai! A few notes from BuzzNutrition: Not only is chai delicious & warming, its spices are medicinal! Cinnamon and ginger are anti-inflammatory & generate heat inContinue reading “chilly day? chai it up!”

Power Outage Food Tips

Source:,,, & Anne’s brain. Did you hear? FrankenSandy is on its way!! Here are a few tips about Food Safety in case your power goes out for an extended time (or if you anticipate power loss). Tips for before the outage:  Fill some ziploc bags with water & stuff them into every nook and cranny ofContinue reading “Power Outage Food Tips”

Using Food As First Aid

Source: How do you like these random tips from Food Pharmacy? Packets of yellow mustard: Use for leg cramps or burns. Some use to ease symptoms of heartburn. Packets of soy sauce: Can ease the discomfort from a mild burn right after the area is immersed in cold water. Finely ground black pepper: Can helpContinue reading “Using Food As First Aid”

Bacon: Dirty Word No More

Source: Bacon is much-loved yet maligned by most… under false pretenses! High in saturated fat? Yeah, but who cares because saturated fat from natural sources is good for you! Spikes cholesterol and clogs arteries? Wrong. Dietary cholesterol from clean sources does not affect blood cholesterol… and furthermore, cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. DrippingContinue reading “Bacon: Dirty Word No More”