Do you drink coffee? Make it cold-brewed and add butter!

Coffee is more than just a morning ritual. It’s a delicious medicine that humans have been enjoying since the thirteenth century. As one of the best sources of antioxidants, coffee helps eliminate excess free radicals, which cause inflammation and cell damage. However, the wrong coffee prepared with too much heat can detract from both the tasty pleasureContinue reading “Do you drink coffee? Make it cold-brewed and add butter!”

Cholesterol Vindicated!

…Well, they got it HALF right. “The nation’s top nutrition advisory panel has decided to drop its caution about eating cholesterol-laden food, a move that could undo almost 40 years of government warnings about its consumption.” BUT… They still blame saturated fat, which is complete BULLOCKS. “The greater danger in this regard, these experts believe,Continue reading “Cholesterol Vindicated!”

Skip the skim milk and go full fat

Do you still choose skim milk, which is usually powdered milk + water? How about low-fat dairy products, which have gums and fillers in them to simulate fat? Haven’t you heard that full-fat dairy is better for so many reasons!! (By the way, lactose intolerance could be caused by gluten sensitivity!) In addition to the reasons below,Continue reading “Skip the skim milk and go full fat”

What is success?

How are you defining success? That’s an important question, since the answer drives what you do. It sure would suck to work really hard only to discover your answer was really someone else’s. Everyone benefits from glancing at the horizon to make sure we’re headed where we intended. This quote from might serve as a check-in to help you get reacquainted with what is important toContinue reading “What is success?”

What’s all the fuss about Backyard Hens?

At this time, it is illegal to own a flock of Backyard Hens in residentially-zoned areas of Staunton. But, I think residents everywhere should be permitted to own, care for and choose/grow the feed for their own personal supply of sustainable, clean, happily clucking protein. Eggs are hands down, one of the most nutritious protein sources on the planet. EggsContinue reading “What’s all the fuss about Backyard Hens?”

Links between Soil, Food, the proposed Pipeline and Governor Terry McAuliffe

This blog post is about food, but it’s also political. This post is about food because it’s about land. “Land” is soil, and soil is so much more than dirt. Soil is a melange of minerals, insects, water, microbes, plant roots, mycelium (mushroom roots) and trapped gasses… and likely more that I don’t know about. Soil canContinue reading “Links between Soil, Food, the proposed Pipeline and Governor Terry McAuliffe”

Kids’ Night in Downtown Staunton!

Last night at Kids’ Night, I had the pleasure of edutaining (educating & entertaining) a constant stream of bright-eyed, curious, enthusiastic and well-mannered kids! My table at 16 West Beverly, home of Virtually Sisters, was eventually covered with dirt because of the kids who wanted to hold a worm… Using a lesson thought up by Pat,Continue reading “Kids’ Night in Downtown Staunton!”

Let’s Talk Thyroid

Let’s Talk Thyroid  Have you ever pondered your thyroid? From its perch at the front of your throat, this butterfly-lookin’ endocrine gland monitors your body’s metabolism, aka how every single cell creates & uses energy.  Metabolism is often thought of along with weight loss, but it’s also important in temperature regulation, growth/development, immune regulation and digestion… prettyContinue reading “Let’s Talk Thyroid”