Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

If you have a growth mindset, you see life as presenting you chances to learn and develop into a more mature, happy human. This makes sense because we are each a work in progress. You have potential and are not limited by who you were as a child, a teenager, or even yesterday. A successContinue reading “Fixed vs. Growth Mindset”

Tools for analysis of 23andme genetic info

What do your genes say about you!? You can find out by running the 23andme test.* And once you do, there are so many tools to help you analyze your genetic info and make the most of your results. *Full disclosure: that link includes a referral code that gives me a tiny kickback. With my clients, IContinue reading “Tools for analysis of 23andme genetic info”

Your cells work hard

Get to know your body by watching these mind-blowing, awe-inspiring videos… keep in mind, these things are happening RIGHT NOW in YOUR BODY! 1) An immune cell is chasing a bacterium: 2) A kinesin protein is WALKING on a microtubule. This is a simulation, but is complete non-fiction! 3) The previous video is an award-winning excerptContinue reading “Your cells work hard”

Statins are not the Answer.

With all due respect to practitioners who are practicing by the book, I would like to express my extreme frustration with said “book”. The tides have officially and indisputably turned regarding cholesterol’s role in heart disease. The three important take-home facts are: Dietary cholesterol does not have a long-term impact on serum cholesterol levels. Neither dietary cholesterol nor saturatedContinue reading “Statins are not the Answer.”

Curious about the size of a cell?

You are made up of about 70 trillion cells. 70 TRILLION!!! It’s impossible to fathom the magnitude of that number. (But even more mind-blowing is that you are also made up of 700 trillion bacterial cells!!) But it might help to be able to visualize the size of a single cell… of which you have 70 trillion…Continue reading “Curious about the size of a cell?”

Safe, natural pesticide from mushrooms?

Want a safe, natural pesticide? Paul Stamets, one of my heroes, has invented a “universal biopesticide” which is derived from mushrooms! Big Ag has called this patent “The most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.” (I love it when huge companies that create destructive products whimper and cower under the loom of a natural solution.) Continue reading “Safe, natural pesticide from mushrooms?”

Saturated Fat Redeemed!!!!

Time Magazine’s cover story for June 2014 was called “Ending the War on Fat”, by Bryan Walsh. My reaction? HALLELUJAH! ABOUT TIME!! And then I smugly patted myself on the back because I’ve been preaching that for many years now. …Then, I wrote my own article published on Augusta Free Press (see below). <~><~><~><~><~><~><~> Seven reasons whyContinue reading “Saturated Fat Redeemed!!!!”

Cell phones are a detriment to sleep

Sleep is more important than good nutrition. That’s a weird thing for a dietitian to say, but it’s true. We detoxify & organize our memories during sleep. One poor night of sleep can make your body act pre-diabetic. Cutting-edge neurobiology teaches us that during sleep, cleansing spinal fluid is released from little compartments in theContinue reading “Cell phones are a detriment to sleep”

Experts denounce high-soy diet of Illinois prisoners Plaintiffs in the lawsuit Harris et al. v. Brown, et al., Case No. 3:07-cv-03225 have submitted testimony of four qualified experts confirming the claim that large amounts of soy in the prison diet can cause serious health problems. In 2004, the state of Illinois began using large amounts of soy in prison menus toContinue reading “Experts denounce high-soy diet of Illinois prisoners”

New Produce Shopping List from EWG

Environmental Working Group (EWG) studies amounts of pesticides found in non-organic food. It recently came out with new lists for produce: “Clean 15” and “Dirty Dozen”. Most pesticide-laden: Apples, celery, peppers, peaches, strawberries, nectarines, grapes, spinach, lettuce and cucumber. ‘Cleanest’: onions, sweet corn, pineapple, avocado, cabbage, sweet pea, asparagus, mango, aubergine (eggplant), and kiwi fruit.Continue reading “New Produce Shopping List from EWG”