Pumpkin seeds are delicious AND amazingly healthy!

I like to call pumpkin seeds by their spanish name of pepitas, because it’s more fun, sounds exotic and it makes me feel like tap dancing. Try it! The best way to have pepitas is to do this (slightly time-consuming, but well worth it). Why? Because nuts and seeds contain natural compounds that stall theirContinue reading “Pumpkin seeds are delicious AND amazingly healthy!”

Vitamin D & Diabetes

No big surprise here, as vitamin D is crucial to nearly everything that is happening in your body right now… But, it seems that vitamin D deficiency can super-charge insulin resistance (a condition where the body starts to become desensitized to the hormone that shuttles sugar into body cells, and considered pre-diabetes). A recent studyContinue reading “Vitamin D & Diabetes”

Make your own Vitamin C

Source: mizar5.com/Make_Your_Own_Vitamin_C.html Vitamin C is much more than just “ascorbic acid”. Citrus fruits have rutin, hesperidin, bioflavonoids, monoterpenes and limonene essential oils in their pulp and peel. Use organic citrus fruits (grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, lemons, limes)- consuming concentrated pesticides is a BAD idea… Cut the peels into thin strips; lay out on cheesecloth with none ofContinue reading “Make your own Vitamin C”

How to extract calcium from egg shells

Excerpts from: http://nourishedmagazine.com.au/blog/articles/how-to-make-calcium-using-egg-shells You can use any kind of egg (chicken, goose, duck), but it is best to use organic or certified organic eggs from free-range birds. If the bird does not get proper nutrients the eggshells won’t contain the nutrients we need. One whole medium sized eggshell makes about one teaspoon of powder, which yieldsContinue reading “How to extract calcium from egg shells”