Good Food on a Tight Budget

Source: The Environmental Working Group swoops in to help us again! This time with a free guide to ensure you’re eating good food… and doing it on the cheap! In their words: “Stretching your dollars to get a month’s worth of healthy, filling food is a challenge. EWG assessed nearly 1,200 foods and hand-picked theContinue reading “Good Food on a Tight Budget”

5 things not to say.

Inspired by: As you’re striving for more robust health, trying to recover from an illness, endeavoring to release weight or trying your best to reach your full potential as a human, you’re gonna get discouraged, mess up or want to stop. That’s the point. You’re stretching and growing, which involves rewiring your brainz. Mistakes andContinue reading “5 things not to say.”

Vitamin D & Diabetes

No big surprise here, as vitamin D is crucial to nearly everything that is happening in your body right now… But, it seems that vitamin D deficiency can super-charge insulin resistance (a condition where the body starts to become desensitized to the hormone that shuttles sugar into body cells, and considered pre-diabetes). A recent studyContinue reading “Vitamin D & Diabetes”

Convenience Through Ice Cube Trays

Source: Store cubes in ziplock bags in your freezer for easy access! 1 standard sized cube = 2 Tablespoons , 2 cubes= 1/4 cup, 4 cubes = 1/2 cup, etc. Garbage Disposal Cleaner Cubes Place pieces of lemon in each ice cube slot. Fill each slot with vinegar. Freeze. When cubes are frozen, pop themContinue reading “Convenience Through Ice Cube Trays”