Honey, please pass the honey?

Source: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/5-amazing-healing-honey-facts?utm_source=www.GreenMedInfo.com&utm_campaign=69240d9e58-Greenmedinfo&utm_medium=email A few months ago, my parents decided to get a pet… then they decided to get 1,000 of them. Their bees are a’buzz in their hives, diligently making my parents a bucket full of honey. Beyond adding a delicious touch of sweetness to a frothy mug of hot cocoa or bowl of oatmeal,Continue reading “Honey, please pass the honey?”

Activated charcoal for bug bites!

Source: http://www.crunchybetty.com/activated-charcoal-for-bug-bites-and-other-itchy-situations I recently mowed my lawn for the first time in my entire life… I was somehow able to dodge that chore as a kid and now that I’ve done it, that makes me sad because… I LOVED mowing my back yard! Check with me again after my 15th mow, but I’m pretty sureContinue reading “Activated charcoal for bug bites!”

Nutrition for Psychological Issues

I spent Friday and most of yesterday in Washington DC. It always takes me a chunk of time to adjust to the greater density of people- Staunton’s streets are never teeming… except maybe when the Findells are playing Staunton Jams! But once I do adjust to the big city, my first thought is “how impressive!”Continue reading “Nutrition for Psychological Issues”

5 things not to say.

Inspired by: http://www.yurielkaim.com/850/self-talk/ As you’re striving for more robust health, trying to recover from an illness, endeavoring to release weight or trying your best to reach your full potential as a human, you’re gonna get discouraged, mess up or want to stop. That’s the point. You’re stretching and growing, which involves rewiring your brainz. Mistakes andContinue reading “5 things not to say.”

Sports Hydration

Whether you’re running, cycling or boxing, keep these hydration tips in mind: Very important to hydrate pre-race/trip As a body exercises, blood shifts from the digestive tract to muscles changing its ability to absorb nutrients. Begin exercise by drinking water. Drink 6 ounces over 10-15 mins (varies with amount of sweating (more sweat = drink more))Continue reading “Sports Hydration”

Sleep Remedies

Source: http://wellnessmama.com/2582/sweet-dreams-sleep-tincture-recipe/ SLEEP Tincture Ingredients: 2 TBSP dried Yarrow flowers (relaxing and nutrient packed) 2 TBSP dried Catnip (naturally calming) 2 TBSP dried Oatstraw (also helps with bed wetting) 2 TBSP Chamomile flowers (calming and relaxing) 1 TBSP dried Mint leaves 1 TBSP dried Hops flowers 1 TBSP dried stevia leaf boiling water 2 cups 80Continue reading “Sleep Remedies”