BuzzNutrition Methodologies and Mindset

The upshot is that everyone is in one of three health categories: recovery, maintenance and optimization. While in those stages, they need very different approaches to their care. And, they usually need more than one modality of care.
For example, someone in a car accident may need a chiropractor, massage therapist and mental health counselor. As they heal, they progress from recovery to maintenance, at which point they may need to bring in a personal trainer or a different style of massage. Then, when they’re completely past that trauma, they may feel ready to optimize themselves and want to see a nutritionist!
Say another person is just diagnosed with diabetes. Their recovery phase may require a nutritionist, mental health counselor and yoga instructor. Then, maintenance may require they add a personal trainer. Optimization could include a dog trainer (who actually trains people and can repair human relationships!) and mental health counselor.

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