What is BodyTalk?…

A custom-made healing protocol devised on the spot by your body.

Access to subconscious awareness that can make your body work better.

A conscious, intentional system of gentle transformation.

✴  Incorporates Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics & Energy Psychology.

✴  Helps the body recover from and process all kinds of stress.

✴  Accesses that which Yoda and Obi-Wan call “The Force”

✴  Assists your body in re-establishing a healthy balance.

✴  Identifies communication break-downs in the body.

✴  Implemented with light touch and tapping.

✴  Completely safe and non-invasive.

BodyTalk is tightly regulated. Certification requires 28 seminar hours, 50 practice sessions plus written and practical exams. Each practitioner brings in their own skill set but adheres to a standard protocol. BodyTalk is taught and practiced in 40 countries and counting.

What kinds of health issues can BodyTalk help with?bodytalk image paid money to Christianna Kreiss

The big one… Stress!

Stress is the origin of most suffering because it causes inflammation, which underlies the development of chronic disease. Stress also causes emotional fireworks and psychological shenanigans. BodyTalk helps adjust a person’s “stress set point” so the body only goes into “fight or flight mode” when it’s necessary, and turns it off within 30 minutes.

  • Other conditions that may be helped by BodyTalk:

  • Environmental allergies or sensitivities

  • Joint pain and/or muscle tension

  • Esophageal reflux (heart burn)

  • Chronic digestion quandaries

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Menstrual roller coasters

  • Immune system quirks

  • High blood pressure

  • Sleepless nights

  • You name it



free WA iceberg

Symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes treating symptoms directly can be a waste of time, as the real causes continue to churn away below…

BodyTalk reveals what’s going on beneath the surface so that symptoms may resolve by default… and other potential problems may just be nipped in the bud!



What happens during a BodyTalk session?…

  • Step 1: Client stays fully clothed and lays down (or sits).
  • Step 2: Practitioner determines the body’s healing priorities using a memorized standardized procedure chart and muscle testing.
  • Step 3: Client and practitioner work together to bring focus to healing priorities. (Ex. If the liver came up, the client would rest their hand over their liver.)
  • Step 4: The practitioner taps on the head and heart to get the body to stop and pay attention.
  • Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-4 until the body says “we’re done”.
  • Changes can happen immediately, but usually integrate into the body over time.

What else is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a brainy techie who’s memorized the manual.

  • Your body is more advanced than the greatest of supercomputers.
  • You have billions of cells that perform 100s of functions each second, each of which must be perfectly synchronized.
  • When “things go wrong”, the cause could be at any point in the elegant chemical and energetic exchange.
  • It’s impossible to accurately guess the underlying lynchpin. Healing is better than guessing.
  • BodyTalk skips troubleshooting and goes straight to the fix. Doesn’t skip a beat.

BodyTalk is a most gentle dynamite.

  • Blockages in the body keep energy and nutrients from flowing freely.
  • If your body lacks the information and resources to heal, well-being is a struggle.
  • BodyTalk carefully removes blockages to allow for healing.

BodyTalk is a soft-spoken consultant.

  • Everything is a relationship.
  • For good teamwork, participants must be clear and earnest about their tasks.
  • Enhanced communication improves understanding between body parts.
  • BodyTalk helps each body part understand its role, and lets it go from there.

BodyTalk is a kind Grandma.

  • Your body is in balance, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. Because of the stress-ridden world we live in, you’re probably not in an ideal balance.
  • Deprived and confused body parts must scramble and devise a second-best solution on the spot.
  • It takes time and effort to dismantle these “hack jobs”… but not necessarily a very long time.
  • BodyTalk works with your subconscious awareness, which knows how much healing you can take at once. It will never push you too far and has eternal, unwavering faith in your ability to heal.

bodytalk certificate copy

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