Do you eat abused chickens?

Sorry to say, you probably do… after reading this, you might be compelled to go purchase your chicken from local farmers who treat the animals with compassion. Perdue proudly displays a seal of approval from the Department of Agriculture asserting that its bird are “raised cage free.” But, a farmer who actually raises Perdue chickens is incredulous!!Continue reading “Do you eat abused chickens?”

Sustainable meat

Enjoy the following excerpts from this article from the LA Times. It’s  a review of a book that makes a case for the sustainability of raising cows for their meat. It’s written by Nicolette Hahn Niman, who is co-owner of cattle farming company, a lawyer and a vegetarian. She believes that “cattle are necessary to the restoration and futureContinue reading “Sustainable meat”

What is success?

How are you defining success? That’s an important question, since the answer drives what you do. It sure would suck to work really hard only to discover your answer was really someone else’s. Everyone benefits from glancing at the horizon to make sure we’re headed where we intended. This quote from might serve as a check-in to help you get reacquainted with what is important toContinue reading “What is success?”

Legalizing Backyard Hens in Staunton

“Cluck” below to “chick” out the video presentation I created to explain why backyard hens should be made legal in Staunton. Staunton City Backyard Hen Advocates presented this video to City Council on October 23, 2014, after which City Council unanimously voted to move the proposal forward to the Planning Commission! <Spoiler alert: We won!Continue reading “Legalizing Backyard Hens in Staunton”

What’s all the fuss about Backyard Hens?

At this time, it is illegal to own a flock of Backyard Hens in residentially-zoned areas of Staunton. But, I think residents everywhere should be permitted to own, care for and choose/grow the feed for their own personal supply of sustainable, clean, happily clucking protein. Eggs are hands down, one of the most nutritious protein sources on the planet. EggsContinue reading “What’s all the fuss about Backyard Hens?”

Links between Soil, Food, the proposed Pipeline and Governor Terry McAuliffe

This blog post is about food, but it’s also political. This post is about food because it’s about land. “Land” is soil, and soil is so much more than dirt. Soil is a melange of minerals, insects, water, microbes, plant roots, mycelium (mushroom roots) and trapped gasses… and likely more that I don’t know about. Soil canContinue reading “Links between Soil, Food, the proposed Pipeline and Governor Terry McAuliffe”

What Does a Dietitian Eat For Breakfast?

A few people have asked me this lately, so here’s the scoop: Two eggs, fresh from happy chickens, purchased at The Store, scrambled with yellow squash, (from Geezer Farm), onion (from Dancing Star Farm) & tomato from The Store (farmer unknown) & lubed with butter (Kerrygold from Ireland, because it’s from grass-fed cows… I hope my next purchase will be a local source).Continue reading “What Does a Dietitian Eat For Breakfast?”

Saturated Fat Redeemed!!!!

Time Magazine’s cover story for June 2014 was called “Ending the War on Fat”, by Bryan Walsh. My reaction? HALLELUJAH! ABOUT TIME!! And then I smugly patted myself on the back because I’ve been preaching that for many years now. …Then, I wrote my own article published on Augusta Free Press (see below). …Then, I went andContinue reading “Saturated Fat Redeemed!!!!”