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Registering for Medical Cannabis in Virginia

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Are you interested in registering as a Medical Cannabis patient in Virginia?

If so, this post will be helpful! I will expand upon it shortly, but in the meantime, I want to share these tips. It took me an hour to figure out how to register online… I was using Virginia NORML’s guide, which is great, but I soon discovered that anyone who wants to be a Medical Cannabis patient has to have been reincarnated as the love child of Sherlock Holmes and Miss Cleo to understand what options to choose in the drop downs!

How to register as a Medical Cannabis Patient in Virginia:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your last name & social security number.
  3. You’ll be sent to the Initial Registration page. Fill out the name/address info and choose a user ID and password.
  4. When you log in, you’ll see the Welcome screen. Select “Initial Application” from the top left menu.
  5. Now here’s where it could be a LOT easier!
  • For Profession: choose “Pharmaceutical Processing“.
  • For License Type: choose “Registered Patient For CBD/THC-A Oil“. (If you’re applying as a Caregiver, remember the patient must be registered first.)
  • For Obtained By Method: choose “Initial Application“.
  • Here’s a picture of what your form should look like:
  1. You can stop here and resume your Medical Cannabis registration later. In order to do that, log back in and find your pending license at the bottom of the page. Click the teeny tiny “continue” link.
  2. Next you have to pay that 50 bucks! Click “Finish” at the top left and enter your payment info.
  3. Lastly, you must upload your Affirmative Defense Certificate (provided by a doctor, must be registered with the Board of Pharmacy (see below)) and proof of identity/age/residence (driver’s license).
  • I haven’t gotten my Affirmative Defense Certificate yet, so I can’t guide your next steps, but would hope it’s easy to figure out from here? (I’m expecting that I’ll need to take a picture of my driver’s license, but am not sure about that.) Once I do finish my Medical Cannabis registration, I will update these instructions!

*Use this link to find doctors who have registered:

  • Use bottom section only, choose Occupation of “Registered Physician for CBD/THC-A oil”, leave other fields empty, click Search)
  • If you add Zip Code to your search, it will only return exact matches. If you enter 22902, it won’t return anyone from 22901. Unfortunately, there’s no option to search by city.

How to register as a physician:

To register with the Board of Pharmacy you will need to apply as a “Registered Physician for CBD/THC-A Oil” using the online application system.

1. Go to and login. You may use the same credentials you use to maintain you MD or DO license. You may need to register as a new person if you’ve never created an account with the Board of Medicine. Note: Only physicians that have a current active medical license from the Virginia Board of Medicine may apply for registration with the Board of Pharmacy.

2. Once you’ve logged in you should see the Welcome screen. Select Initial Application from the left menu.

3. On the Application for Licensure screen:

  • For Profession: choose “Pharmacy”.
  • For License Type: choose “Registered Physician For CBD/THC-A Oil”.
  • For Obtained By: choose ” Initial Application”
  • Click the Start Application button.

4. Complete the registration process and pay the $50 fee. Please allow 7-10 days for processing the registration application and receiving the email with the link to the written certification.

Resources & Research

Anne’s qualifications

Finding your ideal formulation and dose of Cannabis Medicine and CBD might require a lot of trial and error… it will be easier if you have help and I want to help you! I’m doing my best to stay on top of all legal, health and product developments. Plus, the beneficial effects of cannabis and CBD can be boosted by the right nutrition and lifestyle choices. There’s a lot to talk about, so schedule a session with me now!

Here’s what I’ve been doing to support you the best I can:

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