Curiosity ensures success

This amazing video is the winner of the RSA Student Design Awards, played along with an excerpt from Ian Leslie’s book called Curiosity. See the excerpt in text on the site, where each article is highly satisfying.

As you listen, you might consider what it has to do with nutrition and health… or, read on to see my interpretation.

There is much more to nutrition than chewing and swallowing and growing/healing/maintaining your body. It’s a beautiful spider’s web of interconnected themes, relationships and metaphors. From repair, to love, to metamorphosis, nutrition is a key part of it all. Nutrition operates in the meta, and in the hyper-micro. Your nutrition began when your great-great-greatest grandparents took their first bite of food, was at its peak of importance while you were in your mothers’ womb, is currently shaping the destiny of any children you might have, and will contribute to the nutrition of others after you pass away and go back into the Earth.

The slightest tug on any thread of this web will reward you with a nugget of information that will make you curious. You’ll pull another and another and, as you realize that you are a node in this web– that these threads are a part of you, some looser than others and some more taught. These questions and answers that quickly morph into more questions, are shaping you and pulling you.

As your questions (more than the answers) morph you into an empowered, aware individual, all the things you’ve learned– not just about nutrition, but about race cars, knitting, fire breathing and paperwork– they will begin to congeal. Then, you will want to know more!

This kind of curiosity will help you gather the information you need to be creative- to make connections and create new ones that have never been thought of before. And as your brain tips into the dance between question, answer, connection and new question, you’ll find that’s where creativity blooms. The place a Neurofeedback session can sometimes take you– the hazy place between rational thought and anything-goes– is where sparks ignite bigger questions.

This is important to the achievement of good health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) because we are none of us the same. To find your own way to health requires problem-solving, resilience, sense of humor and the curiosity to ask the questions in as many ways as you need to get the answer that will lead you to the next question. This curiosity will make you healthy, and will also be contagious in a way that will cause others to want to know and become healthier themselves.

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