How well can your body detoxify?

free NA pollution smog detox by Foto-Rabe on pixabayThere are many aspects related to detoxification, one of which is your HLA haplotype.

If your DNA is flawed in certain genes, you may be less able to detoxify and more susceptible to certain triggers, such as mold and Lyme bacteria and confections. If you’re curious, you can test for these genes, but a better first step might be supporting your body nutritionally, implementing some basic binders to remove toxins and testing for which foods cause your body to become inflamed (elimination diet) or other underlying causes. Then, if you are still stumped as to what is causing your symptoms, an HLA Haplotype test might be helpful.

What are HLA Haplotypes?

  • HLA stands for Human Leukocyte Antigen.
  • A haplotype is a set of genes on the chromosomes in DNA.
  • HLA haplotypes code for proteins on the outer portion of immune cells, namely those involved in antibody formation. (Antibodies help a body differentiate between “self” and “non-self”.)
  • Normally, when a body sees something that is “non-self”, like a toxin or bacterium, it launches an attack. (See an immune cell chase and attack a bacterium in this amazing video)
  • But, in some bodies, the coding in one or more HLA haplotypes are flawed. This makes it harder for an immune cell to recognize toxins as foreign invaders and launch an attack.


Associated Lab Tests



  • Reference the HLA Rosetta Stone created by Ritchie Shoemaker of
  • Google HLA and “Mold Warriors” for a number of forums to which fellow HLA testers have posted requests and offers of help.
  • Call (800)533-1037 for Doctor Uve Heine, LabCorp’s resident expert on interpretation of HLA.



It’s imperative to mop up accumulated biotoxins. This lightens the body’s toxic load and frees up its resources to fight the Lyme/co-infection.


  • High-dose chlorella
    • Take 12g/day total: 4 grams, 3 times/day, 30 minutes before meals.
    • High doses are okay because chlorella is a food.
    • Low doses mobilize toxins and metals but don’t bind them all, whereas high doses can bind more and pull them out of the body.
    • Also effective for heavy metal removal.
    • After a few months on this dose, a lower maintenance dose can be taken… some believe that in this toxic world we live in, chlorella detox should be a lifelong practice.
  • Other binders: Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, fruit pectins, Alkaseltzer Gold, shilajit.


  • Cholestyramine & Actos
    • Less desirable than supplements since they come along with side-effects + exhaust the liver and kidneys.
    • When taking cholestyramine, the diet should be supplemented with cholesterol (egg yolks, butter, fatty fish and liver).
    • Avoid brand names that contain aspartame: Questran Light & Prevalite. Plain Questran and generic cholestyramine do not.

Image by Foto-Rabe

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