Eat like your Great-Grandma did

iu-2Your genes have been in training for millions of years and each generation those ancestral nutrition lessons become more refined. The moment your very first great-great-great-great-parents ate their first meal, your body started learning what kinds of foods it needs to earn a grade of A++ in Feel Healthy School. Your DNA has been configured to function ideally when fed in a specific way.

Up until the time humans started moving around and intermingling with other tribes, it was easy to pick the healthiest foods… Nature was the grocery store, restaurant and Seven-Eleven!

Since humans switched from hunting & gathering to agriculture (only 10,000 years ago), food has changed dramatically. Our bodies have not had a chance to catch up to digesting processed grains, pasteurized dairy, refined fats and truckloadsfull of refined sugar.

Eating foods other than those our cells have been trained to crave, combined with the stress of this modern world, can easily add up to discomfort and disease unlike any of our ancestors have ever experienced. Too many modern foods can short-change you on your built-in capacity for health.
It’s best to focus on plants (greens and tubers), saturated fats, animals (grown with care and without hormones and antibiotics) and a smattering of nuts and seeds. Some people can tolerate grains, but they should ideally be soaked/toasted. And it’s ideal to keep Gluten to a minimum.

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