Foods versus Foodstuffs #RepealTheSeal

This really boils my potatoes….
Very recently, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) decided a Kraft-made “cheese-like food” is ideal for kids!

I can’t think of a move with less integrity… I’ve been anti-AND ever since I was offered McDonald’s at one of their conferences about 7 years ago… a nutrition conference sponsored by McD’s?? AND is also sponsored by Coca Cola and PepsiCo.

If you feel like signing this petition to #RepealTheSeal, that would be very helpful. But if not, please at least refuse to believe that manufactured cheese-like foods are good for your kids. PLEASE demand logic and integrity from our authoritative agencies, so that kids can learn the difference between foods and “foodstuffs”.

UPDATE (April 1, 2015)

Hooray! AND repealed the inane “Kids Eat Right” initiative with Kraft! According to, AND promises to “engage with the Academy House of Delegates and with all Academy members on future initiatives to promote healthful foods and nutrition in the most professional, ethical and transparent manner possible.” That doesn’t include those of us who decided this was the last straw and will never be a member, but it doesn’t mean we won’t stir up another ruckus if AND dos something else  that smells funny!

I agree with the statement from the RDs who started the petition on, which says: “It takes courage to sit down and listen to criticism and then do something about it. They did just that—and we believe it will ultimately improve our profession, our organization and our public trust.”

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