Could depression be an allergic reaction to inflammation?

free NA brain inflammation depression mental - VSRao on pixabayIf depression is caused by inflammation, then it’s not strictly a Prozac deficiency (pharmaceuticals are indeed the answer for some people, but not for all.) With or without a prescription, seeking out the root cause of depression is the ideal ultimate goal.

The following are excerpts from this article from

  • “People suffering from depression are loaded with cytokines”, which are biochemicals produced during inflammation.”
  • “Cytokines skyrocket during depressive episodes and, in those with bipolar disorder, halt in remission. The fact that ‘normal,’ healthy people can become temporarily anxious or depressed after receiving an inflammatory vaccine — like typhoid — lends further credence to the theory. There are even those who think we should re-brand depression altogether as an infectious disease”
  • “Inflammation can be caused by many things. Nutrition-wise, they include: Inflammation is caused by gut infections, imbalanced gut flora, obesity, high sugar diets, high quantities of trans fats, any chronic health condition (diabetes, heart disease, etc) and a nutrient deficiency.”**If this piques your interest, you might want to check out SpectraCell’s Nutrient Deficiency blood test. Nutrient deficiencies can block any of your attempts to heal.

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