Cellular love

free NA love holding hands by Sarah Pflug on burst.shopify.comRomance with and love of a person is a fantastic thing- but it isn’t really about that person. The bubbling of euphoria that pops onto the face as a smile is actually a renewed affection for life and nature and beauty and everything that makes us feel good. To open to love is to open to life.

Each of our 70 trillion cells is a miniature versions of ourself! Every MiniMe-cell does what you do as an organism: eat, breathe, reproduce, excrete, metabolize, react… Might they also feel love?

When you watch one of those videos of adorable dogs and cats on Facebook and your mouth curls into a sweet and melty smile, do you feel that love only in your head, or does your entire body react? Does your chest feel fuller, your eyes brighter, your breathing slower and deeper? (If you’re looking at a picture of Johnny Depp cuddling the cute cat, your breathing may speed up, but this also proves my point.)

Every emotion has a different body-wide feeling. Anger feels different from appreciation. Sorrow feels different from joy. Pensiveness feels different from goofiness. Appreciation feels different from jealousy. Politeness feels different from sassiness. Lust feels different from awe. These sensations come from vibration– the sum total of all the vibrations made by electrons in the atoms in the molecules in the compounds that make up hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients and enzymes.

When a cell is vibrating with love, its environment is pleasant and work is a song. Even long lines in the grocery store are something to enjoy. The goal of whole-body health is to carry a pure feeling of love at a cellular level. The secret is that your cells listen to you with the deference that Ben gave to Grizzly Adams. If you’re pissed or sad, they will be too, and they won’t work as well.

But when they feel love, your trillions of cells each hum along and work to their highest potential, the sum of which you will enjoy. They will open to life and operate in its rhythm. And when life produces sharps, flats, or cacophonies, those blips will be drowned out by your cells’  perpetual honeymoon.

The only way this works, is if this love is generated by you and for you. When you rely on others to strum you into love’s vibration, your cells won’t carry that new tune for the long-term. Similarly, if you try to be something for someone else, your cells will resist the inauthenticity.

But, just as we aren’t meant to live life alone, we aren’t meant to love alone. We’re meant to connect and have a partner, family, friends, and pets. If the people in your life have a hippie-like commune of love-vibing cells, it’ll be easier for your cells to catch the rhythm and accompany with their own best melody.

Family is also an excellent potential source for calibration-to-love, but not everyone is lucky enough to have this resource. No need to avoid your family if their cells aren’t honeymooning, just try not to add their songs to your playlist.

So, for the sakes of your trillions of cells, feel love. Love doesn’t have to be cheesy. Start by sitting quietly and feeling your heart beating and all the pulses in your body reacting to its electrical signals. That there is love. Soak it up and know that you have trillions of voices inside you saying “we love what’s happening and what we do… and we are you!”

Image by Sarah Pflug @ burst.shopify.com/photos/close-up-on-couple-hands

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