Top 5 reasons to try going gluten-free

free NA gluten baguette with stop signEveryone’s talking about gluten… but do you really know what it is? Quickie definition: it’s the main protein in wheat and it can really hurt some people. But wait. We’ve been eating wheat for thousands of years… if it were so bad, why hasn’t it killed us by now?! Plus wheat is delicious! Why on Earth would someone want to stop eating wheat? Well, I’ll give you five reasons!

1) Wheat is no longer wheat.  Yep. That’s what I said! Back in the 60s, scientists tinkered with wheat in a lab and created 30,000 different varieties of the plant. They were aiming to create a version that grew faster and taller so they could help solve world hunger. They succeeded but the plant they “made” would DIE without human intervention… how natural is that?

2) Wheat spikes the blood sugar. Wheat has quite a high Glycemic Index, which is a measurement of how much sugar is in the blood after eating a food. When blood sugar spikes ver high, it invariably crashes super low, which causes hunger & cravings… then, your brain thinks you’re dying! It directs you in a desperate and intense manner towards foods that spike the blood sugar… and that navigates you right into the jaws of wheat. This cycle of you and wheat jawing each other continues every 2 hours throughout the whole day.

3) Wheat causes inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of nearly every chronic disease, plus it makes all other conditions worse. Many things can cause inflammation, but wheat is way up there because A) the body isn’t yet well acquainted with its brand spankin’ new proteins (thank you, scientists), and B) blood sugar spikes are inflammatory because sugar molecules are like little balls of sandpaper. Even if wheat is not the sole cause of inflammation, it is likely a major contributing factor.

4) Wheat causes weight gain. Wheat triggers inflammation and when the body is inflamed, it switches to Danger Mode. The body thinks it’s starving or injured so it would never dream of releasing weight! What if it needs that stuff to survive!?! It not only holds onto the fat it already has, it makes more fat in a new place: around the belly. And guess what! This fat (called visceral adiposity) churns out inflammatory chemicals & estrogen. That is not good. As if that’s not enough, as mentioned, wheat causes intense hunger & cravings every 2 hours. That also does not help.

5) Wheat can cause Leaky Gut. There was a while there when doctors said Leaky Gut didn’t exist… but they’ve come around and it’s now a widely-accepted situation. Leaky Gut is just what it sounds like: the Food Tube gets leaky and allows things like food chunks, bacteria and toxins to get into the bloodstream. When undigested gluten gets in, the immune system attacks it viciously! At the least, there’s collateral damage from the battle, but worse case scenario is autoimmune disease (such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, type I diabetes and many, many more).

6) Bonus reason: Going gluten-free is mad sexy. I mean it is to some, but likely clocks in below nice, smart & a tight… sense of humor.

The Big Picture here is this: Modern Wheat has not been around for that long. The Wheat Game has changed and our bodies haven’t yet learned the New Rules! This means your 70 trillion cells are not getting the raw materials they’ve come to expect and thus can’t work to their full potential… and that means that you, as a walking neighborhood of collaborating cells and bacteria, can’t work to your full potential. Going gluten-free, even just for a 2-week experiment, gives you a glimpse of what you’re truly capable of… and believe me, it’s a whole heck of a lot.

If you want more explanation about the whats, hows and whys of going gluten-free, please check out my online classes, Get Out of the Gluten Glut. They feature strong visuals, fun animations and accessible metaphors. The classes are also very “easily digestible”, as each is split into 12 or more lectures, most of which are only 2-5 minutes long. If you sign up for these classes, please tell me what you think because I want to know!

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