Do you pathologize yourself?

free NA confused worry label of a health-related diagnosis is like a tattoo on your subconscious mind. But it’s not who you are.

If you’re dubbed a “Diabetic”, or “Heart Patient”, or “Obese”, or even “Schizophrenic”, is that different than being called a “person who has Diabetes“? You betcha.

Just as you’re not “John’s wife”, “Patricia’s husband”, “Albert’s husband” or ” “Natalie’s mom” (you are you!), you are not your condition.

The condition you’re managing is happening in a snapshot of time, which happens to be now. It likely wasn’t always there, and it doesn’t always have to be there either. Something triggered it and your body responded to keep you going. If you identify & remove the trigger, your body will adapt again!

The longer a condition has been activated, the longer the physical changes will take as your body regains its balance. But the most important first step is to adjust your perspective so the condition does not intrude on your identity.

If you often tell people about your condition, consider stopping that. Tell them something else that has to do with who you are deeper down inside (You play the cello? You taught your dog how to use the toilet? You’ve finished each crossword puzzle for the last month?).

If you do mention your condition, you might try phrase it a bit differently (maybe practicing in the mirror first?) For example, “I’m currently managing diabetes” (take care not to say “my diabetes“). Or, “My body is holding on to some extra weight” (not “I am obese” because that’s not who you are).

After this initial step of changing your perspective, you may feel motivated to seek some help in finding the root cause and learning how you can remove it and rebalance your loyal and hard-working body. Consider consulting a qualified healthcare practitioner, like me at BuzzNutrition.

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