Kids’ Night in Downtown Staunton!

Last night at Kids’ Night, I had the pleasure of edutaining (educating & entertaining) a constant stream of bright-eyed, curious, enthusiastic and well-mannered kids!


My table at 16 West Beverly, home of Virtually Sisters, was eventually covered with dirt because of the kids who wanted to hold a worm… Using a lesson thought up by Pat, the creator of this summer’s nutrition education series at the Boys & Girls Club, I showed the kids a picture of the components of a cheeseburger and we worked backwards to the source of the ingredients. Guess what…{Spoiler alert}… it’s worms! 

After the kids learned that there’d be no food without worms, I figured they’d want to thank some. (One little girl even took 2 of them home to put in her garden!) So before I left for the event, I plucked a few willing participants out of my worm compost bin. (At Staunton’s newest shop, Harmony Moon on New Street, Sally had a demonstration with live bees, another insect that we rely on to pollinate our food.)

The kids also played a game of Tic Tac Toe, in which they had to guess a fruit or veggie by touch only (quite a challenge!) All the kids, and even many of the parents had a great time testing out their produce-sensing abilities.

I was very impressed by the kids. Staunton has some good eaters who, very surprisingly, love broccoli!


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