Questions from Clients: To Salt Or Not To Salt!

Each month I address a client’s burning nutrition question. July’s came from Luise (I just forgot to post it in my blog):

“Dear BuzzNutrition, What is the difference between Sea Salt and Kosher Salt?”

Thanks for the question, Luise! First of all, I’m glad you’re using salt. There’s a lot of fear around salt and its potential to raise blood pressure but the story is much more complicated than that. Plain table salt has one ingredient: sodium chloride. The human body thrives when it has an abundance of well-balanced minerals, but runs into trouble when one of those minerals dominates. When sodium dominates, balance is disrupted and there’s not enough of other minerals, like magnesium, potassium and calcium for the body to get its millions of jobs done. It’s more likely that this mineral imbalance contributes to high blood pressure, not salt itself.

So, to your question! While table salt is mined from underground salt mines and sea salt comes from evaporated sea water, kosher salt can come from either source. Another difference is that table salt contains a small amount of calcium silicate to prevent clumping, while kosher and sea salt have no preservatives. Kosher salt that comes from sea water differs from sea salt in that it’s gone through the koshering process (a requirement for some religions that has no effect on nutritional value). In summary, any salt that comes from sea water offers a more well-rounded group of minerals and no preservatives. The best sea salts are any color other than white and are slightly wet. Two good brands are Real Salt and Selina Celtic Sea Salt. 

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