New Year’s Resolution Armageddon-Style

fireworks free from shutterstockThe New Year has the potential for making you feel squeaky-clean and full of potential… so why take on the burden of a new resolution you’re not going to keep anyway? Inspired by the near miss we had with end-of-days :), I’m choosing to lighten up instead.

{ As a nutritionist, I’m supposed to urge you to resolve to cut out sugar or to exercise more or to eat local produce*… those are great ideas but I’m not that kind of nutritionist. You do what you want! I’m eager to help you if that’s what you want. }

I know I’m not the only one who makes resolutions, fails at them and then feels like a putz for it… that’s why I haven’t made one for years! But I still manage to feel like a putz sometimes for other reasons…

…with those reasons in mind, this year I’m turning the concept of resolution on its head.

This year, instead of making a resolution & adding a new thing to juggle, I’m downsizing & streamlining. Letting go of old baggage. Scraping off peeled paint. This will take 3 main forms:

  1. FORGIVING. First on the list is myself for all the silly stuff I’ve done. Next comes everyone else: the kid who rode over my foot with a Big Wheel in 2nd grade; the high school boyfriend who cheated on me with his coworker, the french fry frier, at McD’s; my dog who tore the head off my Raggedy Ann doll in 8th grade; my supposed best friends in 9th grade who secretly wrote love letters from me to the class nerd who showed up at our first date excited… and alone (i still haven’t forgiven myself for being too insecure to give those friends hell when I found out)… and other much more important stuff.
  2. DUMPING. In the coming months, Goodwill & Craigslist will be seeing a lot of me. Or, maybe the creative hOUR economy folks will have organized some kind of FreeCycle program. Whomever the donor, I’m going to streamline my material possessions.
  3. SHEDDING. Dead skin cells be GONE! When I lived in Seattle I’d go to this awesome Korean spa where I laid down on a stone slab and a lady scrubbed the *&$# out of my skin with a special washcloth. It hurt a lot!! I could see the dead skin balling up and falling away (gross? sorry.)  All worth it because when she was done, I felt like a cross between Cat Woman & a newborn baby! You can do this at home with much less pain. Maybe also consider a hair cut (many salons to choose from in Staunton- I entrusted Grail @ The Shop and he did a great job!)

The material bit in #2 is easy to understand: If you’ve cleaned out your garage lately, or donated a pile of “another person’s treasure” to a charity, you know the lighter, freer feeling that this Up-cycled Resolution can give you. But the emotional & energetic aspects of #s 1 & 3 are much more beneficial. Get ready for a liberating lightness, a soaring understanding of possibility, a gasping relief, a solid knowing that everything is in its place.

staunton wall

#1, Forgiveness, is the most important. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. The other person does not need to be involved… they may not want to be and that doesn’t need to stop you. This is much harder than it sounds, though… much more than a little note written to all your exes saying “no hard feelings, dum dum”. True forgiveness goes much deeper and requires that you look at yourself intently… and forgive yourself for what you see. It takes bravery but, like the stone slab at the Korean spa, it’s enormously worth it.

Though I’m far from a guru and have lots to unlearn, I have some suggestions for achieving #1 in a painless way. The tricks I have up my sleeve have worked really well for me. And, of course, the mind and heart communicate better when good nutrition is on board… if you want help, I’d love to be there for you and tell you more!

The biggest advantage of the lightness gained from doing all this downsizing & streamlining is agility. A person made lighter from forgiveness and material/energetic purging is better able to respond to the world with compassion (instead of reacting for protection) and be more fully a part of it. A lot of people try to sell you new tricks and new information in order to be a better person… but I know that we’re all amazing people- it’s just that some peoples’ amazingness is buried deep underneath painful stuff. The key is not to get more info/skills/resolutions. The key is to get to the basics of who we are… and that begins with forgiveness.

Happy New Year!!!!!

*If you do want to eat more local produce, that’s easy @ Nu-Beginning Farm’s retail store!

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