Bypass Bloating & Binging this Holiday Season

Holidays can either be a time of total hedonistic abandon (the world’s ending tomorrow anyway, right?) or an opportunity to appreciate the holidays for what they really are: a time to spend time with loved ones and appreciate all the beauty out there.

While food is under the umbrella of “all the beauty out there”, bloating and gas and indigestion is less than gorgeous.

Here are some tips to avoid feeling uncomfortable (and heavier) after the holiday frenzy has passed.

I wish you a happy holiday!  :)Anne

  1. Start now with probiotics. These little guys work non-stop to help you in many ways, one being keep digestions working normally.
  2. Keep it simple. Some stomachs get overwhelmed when asked to digest lots of new & different foods at once. The most common food combo that people have trouble with is fruit + meat. So if you’re having fruit, eat it first and wait about 30-45 minutes before eating the the meat… or skip the fruit. Just be sure to eat some green veggies! And skip fruit-based desserts.
  3. Put fennel seeds in your pocket before going to a party- chew on them after your meal and they’ll help settle your stomach. You might recall seeing a bowl of fennel seeds and other herbs at the entrance of an Indian restaurant… that’s why!
  4. Alternatively, come prepared with digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCl) supplements… swallow with first bites of food. Save the HCl for your first bite of meat.
  5. Hydrate well during the day between meals and don’t drink too much while you eat. The liquid will dilute the digestive juices in your belly and make food sit there longer. Of course, this nutritionist did not just fall off a turnip truck- other holiday wine/brew is going to go down your gullet… it is the holidays after all!
  6. Keep your hands full. Carry a camera or a hand clutch (fancy-dancy purse). The more you have in your hands, the less you’ll be able to grab and put in your mouth.
  7. Try to skip foods with gluten/wheat. I know, you’re wondering what foods DON’T have gluten/wheat! Meat, veggies, sweet potatoes, fruit, nuts, seeds. Lots of good things.*
  8. Share the gluten-free love: Bake your own dessert and bring it to the party. That way you’ll be able to enjoy some cookies/brownies PLUS you can introduce the deliciousness to your friends/family… and you won’t feel left out. Find some recipes here!

*Why avoid gluten/wheat? It’s inflammatory, spikes blood sugar and can kickstart the immune system, which can cause damage… plus the wheat we eat is only 50 years old!… our bodies don’t know what to do with it. Tune into a live webcast all about gluten on 1/9 to learn more!

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