Splena’s new “natural” sweetener, Nectresse, is quite sour…

poison bandSplenda says their new zero-calorie sugar fix, Nectresse, is all-natural and comes from an Asian melon called monk fruit, or Lo Han. It’s a heat stable sugar that is safely extracted using water & heat instead of chemicals. That’s good… but there’s a sour side the story and I thought you’d like to know.

What makes Nectresse so bad? It’s very simple.

Ingredient #1 of Nectresse: erythritol, a sugar alcohol primarily derived from corn (very likely genetically modified corn).

Ingredient # 2 of Nectresse: sugar! Yes. Refined sugar, likely from genetically modified sugar beets.

And now, Ingredient #3: Here’s the Monk Fruit extract.

Don’t forget Ingredient #4: Molasses, which may as well be sugar & is also likely from genetically modified sugar beets.

Really? GM corn sugar, GM beet sugar, monk fruit and molasses? In my book, that’s a modern-day poison!

That’s the new product you’re so excited about, Splenda people?

May as well just use Stevia (a truly all-natural zero-calorie sweetener)… or even plain old organic unrefined sugar…

Consider, too, non-food sources of sweet! Sweet rewards can be found in a laugh with a friend, a game of catch with a dog (as long as you have one of those ball-picker-uppers lest you get syrupy dog slobber all over you) or listening to the sweet sweet guitar riffs of a heavy metal band.


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