Using Food As First Aid


How do you like these random tips from Food Pharmacy?

  • Packets of yellow mustard: Use for leg cramps or burns. Some use to ease symptoms of heartburn.
  • Packets of soy sauce: Can ease the discomfort from a mild burn right after the area is immersed in cold water.
  • Finely ground black pepper: Can help stop bleeding from a minor cut or scrape.
  • Meat tenderizer: Mixing a paste of meat tenderizer and water or vinegar can ease the pain from a bee sting.
  • Vinegar: Small swig can combat muscle cramps or help relieve heartburn.
  • Castor oil: Helpful for fire ant bites, warts, bruises and sore joints.
  • Adhesive tape: Use to remove ticks you may find crawling on you.
  • Sugarless gum: Has a laxative effect. Can also stimulate saliva and ease symptoms of heartburn.
  • Ginger: Can relieve motion sickness. May also help headaches, coughs & heartburn.
  • Coffee: May aid in asthma attack: 2 or 3 cups of regular coffee can open airways in a pinch.

And then there’s Milk of Magnesia… not a food, of course, but it can be pretty helpful to have around!

  • If you have constipation, be sure to visit your local Registered Dietitian to figure out the root cause and remove it!
  • MoM can be used topically as a deodorant and to dry up skin eruptions like acne & poison ivy rash.
  • Also may help soothe eczema. But keep in mind, eczema is often caused by food allergy so please be sure to get some advice from a nutritionist so that you can eliminate the problem and keep your milk of magnesia in the closet.

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