Activated charcoal for bug bites!


I recently mowed my lawn for the first time in my entire life… I was somehow able to dodge that chore as a kid and now that I’ve done it, that makes me sad because… I LOVED mowing my back yard! Check with me again after my 15th mow, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still enjoy it a lot.

The one thing I DON’T enjoy is the subsequent ITCHING! I slathered my skin with natural non-DEET bug spray and no one (human or insect) will convince me to “go chemical”. Also, I haven’t yet learned to identify poison ivy…

So, for the tenacious bugs that do slip through my herbal defenses and the poison ivy that reaches out to tickle my legs and wrists, I plan to use this solution next time.

Beware: this is very messy and the charcoal will likely stain anything it touches…

See the 3 methods on Crunch Betty’s blog (great pictures). They go from really messy to less messy as you move down the page.

*Activated charcoal is also good for whitening teeth!


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