Vitamin D & Diabetes

No big surprise here, as vitamin D is crucial to nearly everything that is happening in your body right now…

But, it seems that vitamin D deficiency can super-charge insulin resistance (a condition where the body starts to become desensitized to the hormone that shuttles sugar into body cells, and considered pre-diabetes). A recent study showed that when obesity is joined by vitamin D deficiency, insulin resistance is nearly twice as common than with regular vitamin D levels.

It’s important to get the blood test to avoid overdosing on vitamin D… too little is asking for trouble and too much can be a burden on the body and cause other vitamins (like A, K and E) to get out of whack.

If you have diabetes, or if it runs in your family, or if you are a human being, I recommend that you check your vitamin D levels!

Ask your doctor to order that blood work for you, and/or come into BuzzNutrition for a consultation- I can order a vitamin D test as well as recommend the safest, most effective food and supplements to correct a deficiency! Plus, as your neighborhood nutritionist, I have my finger on the pulse of latest research and can tell you that the recommendations for supplementation that are out there right now are far too low to make an impact on deficiency.

Source: Diabetes Care, 2012; doi:10.23371dc12-0235

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