Convenience Through Ice Cube Trays


Store cubes in ziplock bags in your freezer for easy access!

1 standard sized cube = 2 Tablespoons , 2 cubes= 1/4 cup, 4 cubes = 1/2 cup, etc.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner Cubes
Place pieces of lemon in each ice cube slot.
Fill each slot with vinegar.
Freeze. When cubes are frozen, pop them out into a ziploc bag labeled as garbage disposal cleaner and store in freezer. To use: Place 1-2 cubes down disposal, turn on the water and run the disposal. The vinegar and lemons will clean the disposal as they whirl around.

Tomato Paste
Sometimes you just need a tiny bit of tomato paste to thicken up your favorite sauce or soup. A whole can, no matter how small, is still just too much. So open a small can, fill your trays (I get about 8 cubes per can) and freeze till solid, pop out into a labeled bag and store in freezer. Just pop a cube into your sauce and watch it melt right into your dinner. Also little bits of leftover spaghetti sauce from dinner is great to freeze into cubes, no more waste!

Gravy / Soup Stock
Ever find that you have just a tiny bit of left over gravy and not sure what to do with it? For heavens sake, don’t throw out all that flavor!  Just pop it into your trays and freeze. Store your cubes in labeled baggies in the freezer. The next time you are making soups, casseroles, or even opening a store bought soup, pop a cube or two in for great flavor!  Same if you cook meat in your crockpot or oven and get a bit of broth from it.

Yogurt or pureed fruit for smoothies
Freeze yogurt or mashed up fruit. Pop into the blender with your other smoothie ingredients and wala, smoothie is done!

Coffee /Chai Tea Concentrate
What if you froze coffee or Chai Tea Concentrate to make your next cold coffee drink?

If you have some herbs in your fridge that are getting a bit old, consider chopping them up and putting them in the ice cube slots and then fill each slot with water. These herbed ice cubes are great to pop into homemade soups and other dishes!

Baby food
Blend delicious vegetables and pour into ice cubes. Store in labeled bags in the freezer. Then pull out what you need and thaw overnight or in a saucepan (avoid the microwave).

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